Action on Air Quality


Improving air quality in the city remains a top pledge – we all live here and we all breathe the same air. We are proud to be delivering ambitious plans to tackle air pollution across the city. Our new Air Quality Manifesto commits us to joining forces with local people, along with top academics from King’s College, environmental campaigners and businesses to introduce a range of new policies to move us to World Health Organisation air quality standards.

We are proud of our successes so far such as our public awareness campaign on idling vehicles that has already persuaded 26,000 drivers to switch off their engines. But there is more to do and we will continue to pioneer new ideas to improve our air quality. We will continue to implement our Walking and Cycling Strategies to encourage and promote ways of travelling around the city which improve both health and air quality.

Pledge: We will improve recycling rates.

We will further improve recycling and the reliance of single-use plastic by introducing new and easy initiatives for homes and businesses.

Pledge: We will protect our parks and green spaces.

We will continue to invest in our much-loved outstanding green spaces, planting extra 3,000 new trees by 2020.

Pledge: We will install even more electric charging points in our local area to encourage drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

Westminster has more electric vehicle charging points than any other London borough.

Pledge: We will create more low emission zones, building on the success of the Marylebone low emission pilot zone.

We will target traffic hotspots and support local people who want to see low emission zones around schools. We will continue our Walking and Cycling Strategies to provide better facilities to encourage and increase both.

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