Let's ban single use plastic

Westminster Conservatives have long campaigned for action to be taken on the issue of single-use plastics. We welcome the government's plan to explore charges on single use items but think that we in parts of our city could go even further. 

West End Councillor Jonathan Glanz has been a vocal champion for increasing the number of drinking fountains in the West End, where members of the public can fill up reusable bottles for free. 

“It’s fantastic that the government are starting to take action to curb usage of single use-plastics. Their target to eliminate the use of all single-use plastic within the next 25 years is crucial in protecting our environment. Westminster Conservatives back the government’s plans and want to work to make them a reality” Councillor Glanz said. He wants a ban on single use plastics to be considered. 

You can show your support for Jonathan's aim of considering an immediate banning single use plastics in some areas by signing our petition below. 

Let's ban single use plastic

We want an immediate ban on single-use plastics to be considered in some parts of our city.


Going #Green4Lent and beyond

Westminster Council Leader, Nickie Aiken, is attempting to give up single use plastic and is encouraging others to join her. She is using the current 40-day Lent period to support growing calls among the public to do more to reduce the levels of plastic waste.