Reduce the speed limit to 20mph across Bayswater

Westminster City Council has for the past year run trial 20 mph zones in the areas around 38 of the city's schools. Now the Council considering the next steps. 

After discussions with local people, your Bayswater Conservative councillors are launching a petition to extend the 20mph zone to the whole of Bayswater to bring us in line with World Health Organisation recommendations.

On extending the 20mph zone to cover the whole of Bayswater, Conservative Councillor Emily Payne commented, "Richard and I both feel that lowering the speed limit to 20mph is clearly in the best interests of our area. There are numerous benefits of reducing the speed limit to 20mph especially as there is a significantly reduced risk of fatalities compared to 30mph zones."

Conservative Councillor Richard Elcho added, "Lowering the speed limit across our area would also have a positive impact on air quality. Vehicles travelling at lower speeds accelerate and decelerate less so reduce vehicle emissions. Reducing the speed limit by 10mph may not sound like much but will have a significant impact on air quality."

If you would like to support Richard and Emily's petition to make Bayswater a 20 mph zone you can do so below.

Bayswater 20mph Petition

I/We, the undersigned, support the implementation of a 20mph speed limit across the whole of Bayswater.