A City for everyone


Westminster Conservatives have made it clear that the 25,000 EU nationals who have chosen to make the city their home should feel welcome and able to remain in the UK after the country leaves the European Union.

Cllr Nickie Aiken, the Conservative Leader of the Council, has said

“Westminster thrives on diversity. EU nationals who are living in Westminster deserve to know that they have a home here and are welcome. I remain committed to our EU residents in the city and will do all I can to ensure that they continue to feel that Westminster is their home, now and after Brexit.”

To help and provide reassurance to our European citizens we launched an information service in partnership with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and held the
first of many seminars in conjunction with the Home Office and DExU explaining their rights and status.

Pledge: We will arrange further information seminars for our EU nationals and continue to fund the advice line.

You can find out more at westminsterconservatives.com/EU

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