Delivering a greener Westminster

We have a responsibility to protect our City for future generations and provide a clean environment for people to live and work in.

Under Conservative leadership the City Council has developed its own Green City Action Plan.

We have taken a number of positive steps to improve our environment, including introducing on the spot fines for motorists who leave their engine running while stationary for more than a minute, as part of the Council’s #DontBeIdle campaign.

The Council has also increased the number of charging points for electric cars and planted an average of roughly 200 new trees each year to improve air quality.

Keeping our streets clean and tidy is hugely important. The Council has maintained twice weekly bin collections; discouraging littering and fly-tipping.

We take the protection of our City's environment seriously and will continue to do so.


Going #Green4Lent and beyond

Westminster Council Leader, Nickie Aiken, is attempting to give up single use plastic and is encouraging others to join her. She is using the current 40-day Lent period to support growing calls among the public to do more to reduce the levels of plastic waste.