The elderly and vulnerable


Caring and supporting the most vulnerable within our community is and will always remain our most important priority. We are proud of our record. Under Conservative leadership, the Council works and supports a variety of community groups helping both the elderly and vulnerable.

We are proud that Westminster City Council has pioneered the Community Independence Service and Discharge to Assess programme, helping to reduce emergency entries to hospital and ensure our older people return to the comfort of their homes quickly once discharged. Our Westminster Care Awards, held annually, recognise the contribution made by our many carers.

We are providing clear routes for people of all ages to access the help they need, providing specific support in schools, giving advice on the “five roads to wellbeing”, and training our Westminster staff in mental health first aid. Westminster is also the most successful local authority in England for helping people to quit smoking.

Pledge: We will continue to invest in services to support the most vulnerable across our city.

Pledge: We will open our new specialist 84 individual bedroom nursing care home for those living with dementia.

Pledge: We will help older people lead more active lives by supporting initiatives such as Silver Sunday across our City. Silver Sunday and a programme
of free events and activities for older people in Westminster.

Pledge: We will continue to make supporting communities a priority and work with the excellent community groups across the city. We have established the MyWestminster Fund to support our vibrant communities and build cohesion. Through this programme we are providing extra funds to tackle real problems that matter to local people such as tackling isolation and providing more activities for our young people.

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