11 Crawford Place and Telephone Booths

11 Crawford Place

The safety of local people is of the upmost importance.

Your Councillors have ensured that a Fire Risk Assessments has been carried out on 11 Crawford Place in line with the National Fire Safety Guidance regulations, which are set by the Government and National Fire Chiefs’ Council.

An excellent stair-lift has also been installed on the outside-steps, to ensure the building can be accessed by everyone.

Rejection of additional telephone booths

Your long-standing senior Councillor, Richard Beddoe, has been successful in obtaining the rejection of several Planning Applications for unsightly telephone-booths around our part of Westminster.

The telephone-booth applications were a device to add unnecessary advertising-space close to locations of high commercial value in conservation areas, and they evidently increased street-clutter on pavements with a high volume of pedestrian traffic. The applications were originally rejected in November 2019, but the decisions were appealed. The case came to appeal in February 2020, but Councillor Beddoe’s case was upheld, with consequences across the nation, thanks to his careful application of Planning Law. Thank you, Richard!