Abbey Road Councillors working with the local police

Abbey Road Ward in St Johns Wood has a low crime rate, but from time to time concerns are raised by residents and we are working with the local Police to keep the area safe.

Card Scams

Criminals are watching people using cash machines when entering their PIN. They then distract the person,an accomplice takes the card and removes the cash. Local people are asked to be careful when withdrawing cash in St John's Wood or indeed anywhere.

Car Security

Following reports of thefts from cars, always remove everything from your car. When you park your car, leave it empty even in your own drive and always make sure it is locked.

Mobile Phone Security

A number of moped gangs have been active in St Johns Wood snatching mobile phones from people as they came out of St Johns Wood tube station or whilst using their phones when walking. Always be aware of those around you whilst using your mobile in the street.

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