Air quality in Marylebone

Air quality is a top priority for our residents. Your council has launched the following initiatives in Marylebone:

  • a schools clean air fund . Primary schools will be able to bid for funds to create "no pollution zones" to reduce harmful emissions around schools. 
  • anti-engine idling campaigns with £80 fines for offenders. 
  • working with the Portman Estate to reduce building omissions.
  • working with the Baker Street Quarter to consolidate freight deliveries. 
  • widening pavements to improve pedestrian experience. 
  • diesel parking surcharge: this has resulted in over a 14% fall in the most polluting vehicles entering Marylebone.
  • working with King's College London to measure air pollution. 

Councillor Karen Scarborough chairs the Marylebone Low Emissions Neighbourhood (LEN) zone. She says: "Air quality is a top priority in Marylebone. The LEN is a long-term initiative which means that in the future we will monitor outcomes and adapt our policies where necessary."