Anti-social behaviour and nitrous oxide abuse

Many of us in Westminster are waking up to the sight of dozens of empty nitrous-oxide canisters on the kerb-side, particularly in quiet streets such as Henstridge Place and wondering what this habit is all about? On a recent Ward walkabout with our Abbey Road Safer Neighbourhood Team led by PC Oli Snapes, we have learnt that - though not illegal and easily available on-line - nitrus-oxide capsules have become a scourge on our streets, particularly late at night when young people gather in quiet places to take their short-lived 'hits' of this gas.  It is illegal however to deal in any quantity of these canisters and always worth reporting if you see or know of this anti-social activity in any part of the Abbey Road.

Our pragmatic solution is to tackle the hot spots as they are reported so that we can increase lighting and surveillance.  With the support of our SNT we are exploring ways - to secure funding to improve security lighting and CCTV outside Robinsfield School at the end of Henstridge Place which has become a magnet for this anti-social activity.   

Do not hesitate to contact PC Snapes and his team by email at any time to report anti-social behaviour or any issue of concern. In an emergency, dial 999. You can also speak to the team by phone. The Ward Panel welcomes anyone to become involved and will be gathering remotely in the near future.