William Court development

We have been lobbied by many residents in the vicinity of William Court following an application to redevelop part of the grounds.  This it at the early stages of assessment by our planning department and we are working closely with all parties to ensure every response is fairly considered in pre

St John’s Wood post office update

Your Ward Councillors are keeping a close eye on the difficulties surrounding the expiry of the Post Office lease on Circus Road and the complex renegotiation's for a new lease.  In spite of Westminster's offer to the Post Office to remain in the unit on their existing rent and terms (below marke

Reporting Back: Barracks re-development & St John’s Wood adventure playground

With the start of this major redevelopment postponed to next Spring, we can confirm that Ward Councillors led by Cllr Peter Freeman continue to drive hard for the best possible solution to the problems of demolition and removal of spoil.  Working closely with the developers, local stakeholders an

Conservatives planning to pilot 20mph roads

Westminster Council has announced that it plans to introduce 20MPH speed limits in a number of pilot areas.  These will be implemented in streets in close proximity to schools or where there has been a history of speed related accidents.   We will also put up vehicle activated signs to collect da

Additional waste & recycling bin collections

To ensure that the emptying schedules for the waste and recycling bins in our Ward accurately match the times when residents mostly use them we have recently undertaken a ‘bin fullness’ review.  As a result of the review, for the last few weeks we have been increasing the recycling bin emptying f