Regent's Park gate closures a real possiblity

The Royal Parks are running a consultation on the movement of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians into and out of their parks including Regent’s Park with the potential outcome being the closure of gates into Regent’s Park. This could result in the displacement of traffic into the streets of NW8 a

An New, easier to use Website

Since the election residents have been telling us about the frustrations they have with the Council’s website and online services. We agreed with them and dedicated an entire cabinet portfolio to improving our online offer.

Local planning applications in Little Venice

It has been a particularly active period for planning applications in the ward. As well as advising on a number of individual applications, there have also been a number of major applications where we are supporting a number of local residents.

Keeping our primary school spick and span

As local councilllors we are always looking at ways to keep our ward looking as good as possible. A recent example is the external works outside Barrow Hill Primary School including the restoring and replacement of railings and the repairing of paving stones. 

Summer treats for Lancaster Gate

This year we have funded our usual hanging baskets plus some extra ones in Craven Road, leading visitors towards the shops on Craven Terrace.

On your bike!

We want to make Westminster one of the most cycle friendly parts of the capital. Not only is it good for your heath, getting pollutant traffic off our streets is one of the main ways we’re going to improve air quality.

Pothole and uneven pavements repaired

When Paul, Gotz and Robert were contacted recently about a pothole on Shannon Place and an uneven pavement on St John’s Wood Terrace we moved quickly to have them repaired. For any highways or pavement issues please either call the Environmental Action Line on 0207 641 2000, go online at under th

Dockless bikes across Westminster

Dockless bikes such as Lime Bike, Mobike and oBike, not to be confused with the ‘Boris Bikes’ can often be seen left on our streets. Although Westminster promotes active and sustainable journeys and encourages people to walk and cycle, it has not given these multiple dockless cycle hire operators

Update on Glastonbury House

A huge amount of work is being done in Glastonbury House, the tall building at the top of Warwick Way which provides sheltered housing for our older residents. The work in this Council-run block includes installation of a sprinkler system, replacement of external cladding, creation of an indoor s