Local News

Keeping our City Moving

We have received several queries about the role of traffic wardens in our community during these unusual times. 

Warwick Avenue Canal Bridge Refurbishment

We are pleased to report that the two sides of the bridge on Warwick Avenue over the canal have both been repaired and are now been repainted. Significant structural repairs were needed following a vehicle damaging the bridge and this has now been completed.

Electric Avenue

There are now nearly 500 electric charging points in Westminster, a figure which is planned to more than double by the end of the year to over 1000. This is the highest number of charging points of any local authority in the UK.

Dogs now Required to be Kept on Leads

During the current health crisis, dogs must now be kept on leads at all times. 

This applies throughout all of Westminster's parks and open spaces, including the dog run and exercise areas such as in St George's Square.

Planning Application for Marylebone Road

A planning application has been submitted for a seven-storey rear-courtyard extension at Woolworth House (242 - 246 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 6JQ), and to build two additional levels on Harewood Avenue, plus the introduction of planting and landscaping at the existing entrance on Marylebone Ro

Social Distancing in Parks and Squares

The Ward is fortunate in having three squares. However, residents using these green spaces should bear in mind the current risks to themselves and others of touching anything (e.g. gates and handles) as they come and go.

Begging and Vagrancy Outside Retailers

Local people have been contacting us about aggressive begging both on the streets and directed towards those now having to queue outside Pimlico supermarkets and retailers.

Fleming Court and 5 Kingdom Street

Although major works to Westminster’s housing stock has now had to be paused, works were completed to Fleming Court prior to the lockdown. A new door entry system as well as security gate have been installed.