Cato Street Commemorations

On 23rd February, the Harrowby and District Residents’ Association (HDRA) organised a notable commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of the Cato Street Conspiracy, an historic event that could have been as significant as 5th November. 

The conspiracy – to murder the Prime Minister and Cabinet – was thwarted by lucky accident at a time of extreme social discontent, when a group of conspirators, who were planning to overthrow the Government, was disrupted by spies, and put on trial.

The festivities on 23 February 2020 saw your local councillors, Cllr Barbara Arzymanow and Cllr Eoghain Murphy, dressed in period-costumes to mark the occasion. The Harrowby and District Residents’ Association (HDRA) organised the event, with street-stalls and other attractions, including horse-drawn tram-rides and Punch-and-Judy shows. Special thanks for creating this event go to Caroline Friedman, whose imagination and superb organisational skills brought this about.