Combating rubbish and fly-tipping in Lancaster Gate

The irresponsible dumping of rubbish is a real problem in a few areas around the Lancaster Gate ward, but your Lancaster Gate Ward Conservative Councillors are determined to deal with the problem.

We have a dedicated ward inspector to monitor the problem and educate residents and business about how to dispose of their rubbish responsibly. We are also ensuring that the worst offenders are held to account by issuing Penalty Charge Notices, sending a clear message if you fly tip and are caught, you will be fined.

Unlike other councils which have reduced the frequency of their bin collections, Westminster is committed to maintaining our service. This means a minimum of a twice weekly collections and an additional recycling collection in all areas of the city, with some streets seeing collections more frequently than that.

Councillor Susie Burbridge commented:

'Fly tipping is illegal and causes a blight our local environment. We are constantly monitoring our ward for dumped waste and we are just as determined as ever to address the problem through a mixture of enforcement and publicity.  Everyone in Westminster has their rubbish collected at least twice a week, additional recycling collections and the additional option of Big Black Bins between collections. We ask that everyone residents, business, visitors, amenity groups to encourage responsible waste disposal by using the options provided in order to keep our ward clean.'