Conservative Candidates team campaigning to protect ethnic minority group’s access to Mandarin-speaking GP

This week we continue working with the local community to address the Soho GP practice issue. We completely understand the urgency of a large group of ethnic Chinese people wanting to access to Mandarin-speaking GP in Soho area. We have been campaigning to save the surgery and ensure there is a Mandarin-speaking GP available to address the unique needs in this particular ward for many months. The candidates team understand that having access to a Mandarin-speaking doctor is crucial in this community. We are fully behind the local community and will provide all the support we can to help address this issue.

We have a Mandarin-speaking candidate Hillary Su in our team and she is the only Mandarin-speaking candidate in this year’s local election in the West End. She wants to send a resolute message to the community that the Conservative team is fully available to work with the local community in needs and happy to provide any language support whereby necessary. Last week saw a group of ethnic Chinese gathering together at the Soho GP Practice to lend our voice towards this cause. We are all very concerned and want to ensure that local patients’ rights are protected while their needs are looked after. We will continue with our campaign and let us know if you have any comments and/or suggestions.