Council enforcement teams: Shisha

Council enforcement around planning, licensing and community protection have been reorganised to deliver a more effective and joined up strategy. 

There have been a number of serious incidents and problems with a number of anti-social Shisha operators in Marylebone.

Serious threats of violence against residents were made, fire safety ignored and planning rules ignored. 

Integrated enforcement actions were taken against a number of operators.

Councillor Ian Rowley said "Shisha operators threatening violence against residents will be taken at their word. Action against them will be taken."

Councillor Iain Bott added "as a medical professional, the health impact of Shisha use is truly horrific. As well as the terrible harm from the tobacco which causes cancer, the pipes are a potentially dangerous source of bacteria, as well as sharing the same mouthpiece which only adds to a risk of infection.

Your Council is lobbying to make Shisha a licensable activity so its use can be more effectively controlled.