Delivering Connectivity to the West End

The West End needs the best and fastest connectivity for residents and businesses.

Fibre is coming to homes and offices and new connections are being made every day. We will do more to facilitate this essential utility.

We pledge to:

  • Achieve full affordable Ultrafast (over 30mbps download) Connectivity for ALL Westminster residents and businesses, utilise digital technology to improve provision of Council Services including remote monitoring for vulnerable or elderly people living alone and address “Not-Spots” in mobile phone communication coverage
  • Facilitate the roll-out of 5G communication throughout the city by completing the Small Cell Concession
  • Facilitate full gigabit Wi-Fi coverage by encouraging the creation of an umbrella / shared platform to facilitate seamless roaming (as in Hong Kong)
  • Encourage competition between providers, especially those providing FTTP, to ensure residents and businesses benefit from more competitive pricing
  • Support fully fibre coverage to encourage the roll-out of further internet innovations and make Westminster “future proof”
  • Alleviate Digital Deprivation by donating surplus equipment to those in need and to arrange training for those without access to courses
  • Work with GLA to clarify Permitted Development Rights for PICA cells
  • Work with TfL to ensure full roll-out of on-train connectivity

Please watch the video above by Councillor Glanz on the introduction of Gigabit connectivity to City West Homes