Delivering for you in Bryanston & Dorset Square

We work hard to deliver for you. These are just some of the things we done recently. 

Landward Court - A high pile of rubbish was illegally dumped in here over the Bank Holiday weekend. Action from your Councillors led the property-management agents to deal with the problem straight away, and subsequently developing the area to avoid more fly-tipping at that location. In addition, your Councillors have arranged for Veolia to deliver leaflets explaining rubbish-collection services, and to target fifteen fly-tipping hotspots.

Lorry stacking - Local people reported several lorries dangerously parked on Old Marylebone Road at a construction site. 

We referred the case to the appropriate Council Officer who completed a same-day site visit to clear the blockages and obtain assurances from the contractors.

Broken manhole cover - A resident reported a hazardous hole in the pavement on Upper Berkeley Street, caused by a collapsed manhole cover. 

This was fixed on the same day to prevent any accidents.

Improving road crossing safety – Your Councillors have shared in residents’ concerns about the safety to pedestrians while crossing the road at the junction of Crawford Street with Seymour Place. 

Having persistently highlighted the dangers, we are pleased to see that installation of a 4-man crossing is complete and fully functional.

Excessive smoke from restaurant - Local people complained that excessive smoke was pouring out of a flu at the back of a restaurant. Your Councillors made contact with several Westminster departments and encouraged them to visit the site.

Eventually the Council was successful in securing a voluntary agreement to suspend the use of the equipment which was causing the problem. We shall continue to monitor the level of smoke when the restaurant has fitted appropriate filters and resumed normal operation. We will insist that environmental requirements are rigorously enforced.

Clearing drains - The council has responded to concerns about leaking pipes, by cleaning hundreds of drains across estates in the city. Please avoid flushing nappies, wipes and food, to help us reduce the number of repair-leak calls. Find out more about how you can help keep our drains running freely here.