Dockless bikes

Dockless bike companies such as Lime Bike, Mobike and oBike - not to be confused with the ‘Boris Bikes’ - are turning up on our streets at random. Although Westminster City Council promotes active and sustainable journeys, and we encourage people to walk and cycle, these dockless cycle-hire operators have not sought nor been granted permission to operate within Westminster.

It might seem trivial to those who quite like the informal ease of using these dockless bicycles, but they are now a new form of public nuisance. Abandoned on the pavement, these bicycles obstruct the pedestrian right of way, impede the passage of our most vulnerable residents, and can be a nuisance to the rest of us, whether we’re pushing a buggy or just carrying our groceries home. Our City Inspectors are actively reporting these bikes direct to the operators for removal. If you notice a dockless bike obstructing the pavement, then please do report it online.