Ebury Bridge Estate: More homes and Community spaces

Westminster Council is accelerating its home-building programme in Churchill Ward with Phase 1 of Ebury Bridge estate renewal set to deliver 216 flats, including 130 replacement social rent homes. The priority in Phase 1 is to enable residents living offsite to return and the residents still living on the estate to move once, directly into their new permanent home. 

When completed the new Ebury Bridge estate will comprise over 750 flats with a diverse mix of social- and intermediate-rent homes, market-rent and sale homes, and 87 new intermediate-rent homes for residents on middle incomes. The scheme will also include new community facilities and green spaces.

Scaffolding is currently being erected on Edgson House ahead of the levelling works. Once this is completed the site will be transformed into a meanwhile-use project. Resident-led Community Futures Group is working closely with the Council on all aspects of Ebury Bridge renewal and will play key role in developing meanwhile uses to reflect local needs. 

Local Conservative councillor and Deputy Cabinet Member for Housing, Murad Gassanly said:

“I’ve campaigned hard to get this investment - the biggest Council home-building scheme for 50 years right here in my Churchill Ward! I am very pleased that Phase 1 will prioritise residents waiting to return to the estate and that more intermediate-rent homes will also be included.” 

For more information and details about Ebury Bridge visit www.eburybridge.co.uk.