Engine Idling #Don’tBeIdle

Westminster City Council has requested powers to issue instant fines without warning to drivers who are caught leaving their engines running unnecessarily.

The council’s #DontBeIdle campaign started in 2017 with drivers being given a warning and an information leaflet detailing the very serious impact on air quality by leaving a car engine idling when parked. Now, the Department for Transport is considering increasing the existing £20 fine to a £100 on the spot penalty to create a greater deterrent. Westminster City Council already issues more fines than any other local authority for engine idling, but these proposed changes will make it even easier to do so in the future.

We have had very successful Don’t Be Idle Action Days. Your councillors were on Elizabeth Street in Belgravia on Tuesday, 5 November and on Montpelier Street in Knightsbridge on Wednesday, 6 November handing out flyers and letting people know of the harmful effects of engine idling.