Food-waste recycling trial

Westminster City Council is introducing a food waste recycling trial at Churchill Gardens in autumn 2019. The estate is part of city-wide trial with around 7,500 households taking part across Westminster. It may expand further in the future.

Around 30 per cent of the rubbish that we throw away in Westminster is food waste. By using the new service, all your food waste can be recycled which will help reduce our impact on the environment.

The food waste collected will be sent for processing to a plant in Hertfordshire. The plant will use the food waste to produce biogas (used to generate electricity and heat) and bio-fertiliser which will be used on local farmland.

Special household bins and liners have been distributed across the estate. There are challenges around the scheme and residents have been getting in touch with Cllr Gassanly to comment on various issues, especially locations of the food-recycling bins around the estate. This will be closely monitored and any problems will be addressed in the course of the trial.  

For more information, visit the council’s website.