The Friday and Saturday Night Tube on the Jubilee Line: Noise Complaints

Jubilee Line all-night services began on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October. Trains from Stanmore to Stratford will now run through Friday and Saturday nights, with a train approximately every ten minutes.

Stations will be open and fully-staffed throughout the night. Great though this is in principle, many of our residents remain anxious about night-time disturbance. There is a history of complaints about Tube-noise in our area, because of the ‘cut-and-cover’ construction of the first Underground lines, centred on Baker Street. Noisy night-time engineering works have generated high levels of complaints recently, especially from Dorset Square and Chagford Street.

Transport for London explain that this was because of works to install new shock-absorbent track-fittings that help to reduce the noise from the tracks as trains pass over. Early reports, they say, suggest that noise is significantly reduced. Nevertheless, they say they will continue to monitor noise-reports, once the Night Tube is up and running. It’s important therefore that you, our residents, speak up if you are affected by noise-levels from the Night Time Tube, or indeed, any other concerns you may have about this new service.

There is a 24/7 Customer Services Centre number for you to ring: 0343 222 1234. TFL say that their team will ensure your query is investigated and answered promptly. They also say that they will arrange a home-visit, if that might be appropriate.