GLA Conservatives' publish Cost of Khan report

Last week saw GLA Conservatives published The Cost of Khan; a comprehensive report totting up the failed policies, broken promises and endless spin of the first two years of Sadiq Khan's mayoralty. As a half-term report, it makes grim reading.

It's worth reading in full as it goes into detail on everything from the current Mayor's disdain for Outer London, how he is presiding over the biggest spike in violent crime in decades and how he is failing to build the homes Londoners need.

GLA Conservatives leader Gareth Bacon commented on the report, “Sadiq Khan's popularity is slipping and I believe that by 2020 he will be an eminently beatable candidate. Compiling and writing this report has underlined to me how true that sentiment is. Whoever our Party selects as our Mayoral candidate cannot simply rely on the Mayor's failings - he or she will need to have a positive message for how to turn this mess around - but it is indisputable that Sadiq Khan is failing London.”

Please read the report, tweet about it using the hashtag #CostofKhan and make sure the next time someone suggests that they don't think the Mayor is doing too badly, you have hundreds of reasons at your fingertips to make clear that's not true. To read the report, click here.

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