Greening Victoria

Local people may have attended recent meetings about the future of the Victoria area. We are really pleased to report that due to consistent pressure from community groups and your Conservative councillors, greening is going to be a major priority of plans to regenerate the Victoria station area.

Areas such as Victoria Street are not easy because of the sheer amount of cabling and kit under the pavements, but there are answers and with you we want to fight for a greener Victoria Street area and a greener neighbourhood generally.

Local Councillor Selina Short explains, "I have had a number of meetings on greening Victoria Street and we are hopeful of getting planters to start with.  

"We have still had no response to our letters to TFL in relation to planting trees on Vauxhall Bridge Road following our meeting last year. We will keep trying to get a response."

We have also been supporting bulb planting on the Grosvenor estate to add extra greening here too.