Gullies to be repaired for safer, smoother cycling

Over 30 gullies have been selected to be replaced or moved to help cyclists ride safer and smoother in Bayswater. Part of a Westminster-wide cycle strategy, the work will take place over the course of 2017. 

Westminster City Council has introduced a new capital programme "Cycle Friendly Gully Improvements", which has arisen from the drafting of the Council’s Cycling Strategy. It recognises that cyclists would benefit from replacement or re-setting of gully gratings to provide a safer and smoother cycling surface.We've dedicated £200,000 to enable up to 4,000 of the 14,500 gullies to be treated across Westminster and last year invited cyclists to nominate gully locations. 

In Bayswater these include:

Porchester Road – 9 gullies
Bishop's Bridge Road – 8 gullies
Westbourne Park Villas – 7 gullies
Talbot Road – 3 Gullies
Westbourne Gardens – 2 gullies
Orsett Terrace – 1 gully
Queensway – 1 gully

We are grateful for the cooperation of the London Cycling Campaign, whose members helped nominate many of the drains and gullies to be improved.