Improving Air Quality

Pollution is the hidden threat, impacting our physical and mental health, effecting children and the elderly most. Councillors Richard Elcho and Emily Payne are committed to improving the air quality in Bayswater.  It was on these grounds we launched the successful ‘Stop the Coach Station campaign’ in March and that we have now supported a local resident group in convening a meeting about the Heathrow Expansion and the impact it will have on our lives.  Further information can be found at the website, including links to the Heathrow consultation which concludes on Friday 13th September.

World Car Free Day is 22nd September and we strongly encourage local people to take part. We will be monitoring the Kings College air pollution database to identify any benefits, so please do walk, run, cycle or hop on public transport instead on the 22nd. Westminster City Council is encouraging local people to set up play streets on the day. For more information and to apply please click here.

Councillor Richard Elcho is on a mission to plant more trees – great for fighting pollution and improving mental health. If you have a location you would like to see a tree planted, please get in touch.

Over the summer the Council installed over 250 additional Electric Vehicle charging points. It also upgraded the 3kw charging points to ensure they are now compatible with all cars. We also trialled our first electric powered waste vehicles. These up-cycled former diesel engine lorries have been fitted with five electric batteries each which will enable the vehicles to carry out a normal waste collection round with one overnight charge. Councillor Richard Elcho said ‘Fighting pollution is one of our core commitments, this is another step in the right direction."