Keeping Bayswater clean and tidy

The Bayswater City Inspector is John Moorhead. He has ensured a number of actions have been taken over the last few months.

Rough-sleepers waste on Gloucester Terrace: The local neighbourhood police team raised concerns about rough sleepers waste in Gloucester Terrace on the junction with Ranelagh. The items were cleaned up promptly, working in conjunction with City West Homes, who manage the land.

Dog waste bin installed on Alexander Street: Following multiple complaints from local residents and business about dog mess in Alexander Street, a new dog bin has been successfully installed. Following an investigation by John, we learned that dog owners were placing their poo bags into private waste bins outside residential properties.
John Moorhead contacted Westminster’s waste and recycling department and requested a bin, as this street is a frequent route for dog walkers due to the local veterinary surgery. The request was granted and a bin has been placed at the location. We want to thank John for his work on this. We’ve seen a reduction in dog fouling and bags being left on the street and being placed in residential bins.

Abandoned vehicle on Westbourne Park Villas: An abandoned vehicle was causing an obstruction to drivers on Westbourne Park Villas. The owner was contacted and has been removed by the owner. 

​Westbourne Park Passage graffiti cleaned up: We’ve had multiple reports of graffiti on walls along Westbourne Park Passage. John has ensured the Anti-Graffiti and Flyposting Unit were contacted and cleaned the walls promptly.