Lillington and Longmoore maintenance work to start soon

We are very pleased to report that the next stage of the planned preventative maintenance work in Lillington and Longmoore Gardens is set to start very soon.

We are all aware of the issues we have had on the Grade II* listed estate with leaks, but this work will hopefully go a long way to improve many of the maintenance problems residents are having to deal with.

The programme of works will include the inspecting and clearing out of all waste pipes and stacks and will use specialist camera surveys to identify any broken pipes or failures in the drainage system. 

This is excellent but long overdue news for the Lillington and Longmoore Gardens. Jim, Angela and James have been campaigning hard for the programme of repair works to start soon and we are very pleased that the estate is now at the top of the list.

We will keep you updated as the maintenance work progresses