Local action saves the Lupus Street Post Office

Excellent news for residents of South Pimlico. The Crown Post Office in Lupus Street has been saved. Local Conservatives including MP Mark Field, councillors and activists led a strong community campaign which has resulted in the Post Office overturning their decision to close the branch in Lupus Street.

Since the proposal was announced 18 months ago, local Conservatives have been working tirelessly to get the Post Office to change their minds. Among the actions taken were organising a thousand-plus signature petition against the closure, which was laid before Parliament by Mark Field, and numerous letters and discussions at national and local level. The campaign proved so successful that Lupus Street branch is now set to receive investment by the Post Office, underlining their renewed commitment to South Pimlico.

Mark Field said: “I found the proposal to close the Post Office completely unacceptable as it provides a vital service to many local people. I am pleased that the Post Office were prepared to listen to local people and this is a great victory for the whole community.”