Local community champion Margot Bright to contest Lancaster Gate by-election

Westminster City Council has announced that local community champion, Margot Bright will contest the Lancaster Gate by-election as the Conservative candidate on Thursday 22nd November. On being confirmed as the Conservative Party Candidate Margot said; 

“I love our area, home to me and my family for over 30 years, and have a long record of trying to protect and enhance it. As a long-standing active member of our exceptional residents’ associations, SEBRA and BRA, and the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel as well as serving as a trustee of Paddington Charities I’ve worked hard to make our community better.

I’m also working on the St Mary Magdalene regeneration project with Paddington Development Trust. Through my involvement in our wonderfully diverse community, I understand what matters locally. With your help and support, I will continue to champion our area. Let me do so as your Councillor by voting for me on Thursday 22nd November."

Polls will be open from 7am till 10pm on Thursday 22nd November. 

There will be three polling stations across the ward. 

  • LGA polling district - St Matthew’s Church, St Petersburgh Place, W2 4LA 
  • LGB polling district - Mornington Hotel, 12 Lancaster Gate, W2 3LG  
  • LGC polling district - Pickering Hall, Hallfield Estate, W2 6HF 

Your polling station should be printed on your polling card which eligible voters should have received from the Council. 

If you would like a postal vote for this election and don't already have one the deadline for new applications for this by-election is 5pm on Wednesday 7th November. You can download a copy of the application form by clicking here

Promoted by James Cockram, on behalf of Margot Bright, both of 90 Ebury Street, Westminster, SW1W 9QD