Lord’s Helping the Coronavirus Relief Effort

MCC is offering their assistance in the fight against COVID-19 with a number of measures to help both the NHS and the local community. Included is providing 75 parking spaces at Lord’s for staff at Wellington Hospital, University College Hospital and the Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth. We are also providing storage areas for Wellington Hospital to enable them to create more bed spaces and open more wards. In addition, MCC are providing food to a charity, City Harvest London, to feed the hungry in the local area.

As Cllr Swaddle, Chair of the Lord’s Community Group said ‘this is a fantastic effort by MCC to step up and help the local community. As one of the local Councillors, I together with Cllr Rigby and Cllr Mohindra, fully support this effort and are happy to play our part in facilitating even closer cooperation in what is unprecedented times.’

MCC are aware that this will cause an increase in vehicle traffic around Lord’s with medics and contractors driving to the Ground but hope that the local community will support their actions.