Major works in Glastonbury House

Cllrs Flight and Wilkinson joined residents of Glastonbury House in a meeting with CityWest Homes and United Living to hear about major works being carried out in Glastonbury House to improve safety in case of fire. These include:

  • Installing more fire blocks within the building.
  • Installing of new front doors to all flats and decoration of communal areas using fire retardant paint.
  • Sprinklers to be installed in every flat.
  • Suspended ceilings in the communal areas to be renewed.
  • Removing cladding from the back of the building and replacing it, which is likely to happen by the end of April.

Cllr Flight explains: "United Living, who are undertaking the works, have been liaising with Glastonbury House residents over the arrangements. I look forward to hearing that they have been satisfactorily carried out and the residents have a much improved home environment."