Making Lillington and Longmoore Safe

New gate gets planning permission

Extra security measures planned for the estate

We’re making Lillington and Longmoore safe by implementing a range of new security measures around the estate.

Over the summer, your local Councillors organised a meeting with council officers in charge of security and anti-social behaviour prevention. We held the meeting in Lillington and Longmoore and were able to point out where greater security measures were needed.

Cllr Spencer then sat on a follow up meeting which included representatives from the police about how to move the process forward.

It was agreed that Westminster City Council would put together a range of new security measures for the estate which would be put out for consultation with residents later in the autumn.

At the follow up meeting, we also found out that the proposed gate between Noel Coward and Aubrey Beardsley Houses (Vauxhall Bridge Road side) has been granted planning permission and should be installed by the end of the year.