The Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood

As many are aware the Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) was established in July 2016 in partnership with Westminster City Council, the Mayor of London and local stakeholders, to improve air quality and enable more active travel, in order to create a healthy breathing environment for all in the neighbourhood.

The three year trial has now almost ended but not all the interventions particularly the highways works are yet completed. With air quality one of Westminster's residents top concerns, work will continue to work on this important issue (see the next article for further information).

Some of the interventions trialled, aimed at changing behaviour, have subsequently been rolled out across Westminster.

This pocket of green space was created to make a better environment for pedestrians and includes a sustainable drainage system to process rain water.

Projects in the LEN include the following:


  • Emissions based Parking Charges for older diesel vehicles - achieved a 16% reduction in the neighbourhood
  • Electric vehicle parking permit applications up 100%
  • Engine idling enforcement and awareness
  • Air Quality Marshalls dealt with 900 idling incidents per month


  • 16 additional cycle parking spaces
  • 12 additional cycle storage spaces
  • New improved cycle lane

Young People

  • 13 schools participated in a campaign of awareness in air quality
  • Parklet design competition held for students at University of Westminster
  • 1100 children participated in the Play Streets scheme


  • 12 new improved walking environments


  • 84 businesses participated in the delivery and servicing programme
  • Five building efficiency audits
  • 325 face to face business engagements


  • 13 trees planted
  • 17 new Greening improvements installed
  • 4 Urban Realm projects

An infographic has been produced to capture all of the activity that has taken place during the three-year project. A video is also currently in production and will be available on the MLEN and Westminster City Council websites by the end of May. Please email: if you would like further details.