MHS Air Quality Action

Air Quality is a top concern for everyone living or working in Westminster.

Your Councillor Karen Scarborough, (fourth from left) as Lead Member for Air Quality, joined Cabinet Member Heather Acton and Bryanston & Dorset Square Councillor Barbara Arzymanow in an Anti Idling action day at Marylebone Station. 

Interestingly, this was instigated by Chiltern Railways, who are taking the issues of air quality very seriously. Whilst Marylebone Station is not in the Marylebone High Street Ward, air quality knows no boundaries! We are continuing to hold Anti Idling days across our City to raise awareness and change behaviour.

New lamppost signage, promoting our anti-engine idling message to stationary drivers, is being installed at 200 hotspot locations throughout Westminster. 

The eye-catching green signs will remind drivers to ‘cut your engine, cut pollution’ and complement the efforts of City Inspectors.