Neighbourhood enforcement meetings

Your St. James’s councillors, the Council officers, the Police and other partners now meet once a month to identify and rectify ongoing problems of refuse and anti-social behaviour at a neighbourhood level.

In a new system, all agencies now meet monthly to tackle problems in known hotspots around St. James’s ward. The system, which is part of the Council's ISEU (Integrated Street Engagement Units) structure, has been trialling for approximately 2 months.  

As your ward councillors we have found this structure very effective and helpful. It enables us to keep an updated list of known issues collected both at an officer and also a councillor level. By bringing all agencies together under one roof, it enables us to problem solve and come up with effective solutions. 

If you are dealing with anti-social behaviour or waste issues within your neighbourhood, please contact us on

Cllr Mark Shearer said “We’re delighted with the visibility these meetings provide us councillors. Having all agencies together to problem solve and agree on actions and solutions is very effective. The next step should be us councillors communicating the outcomes from the meetings. This is something we will look into and update residents in the future.”