New Controls on Busking and Street Entertainers

Busking and street entertainment can bring a high degree of entertainment and pleasure to our streets. But they can also create excessive noise and be a nuisance, causing blockages on pavements so imposing themselves on those around them.

The Council is launching a pilot to trial new forms of controls in areas with high levels of these activities, which are in West End and St James’s Wards: Oxford Street, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. We hope the new policy will allow street entertainment to thrive whilst protecting residents and businesses. This will include a licensing scheme in busking hotspots where the Council receives the most complaints.

Councillor Tim Mitchell comments "We are delighted to be undertaking this trial licensing scheme across three locations in the West End. With each location having a different format, we will be able to observe and identify the best system for local residents and businesses."  

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