New taskforce to tackle problems caused by short term lettings

We are getting an increasing number of complaints about short lettings in Pimlico – commonly referred to as ‘Air BnB’. Landlords are not allowed to let properties for over 90 nights without planning permission and this government legal limit applies across all websites.

Westminster City Council has set up a new Housing Standards Taskforce to collect evidence of those properties suspected of breaching the 90-night limit as well as tackling landlords who are letting out substandard accommodation. 

Cllr Nickie Aiken said: “Many people may simply not know that the 90-night limit exists, and that it applies across all websites. We have no problem with people earning a little extra money by letting their home considerately within the limits, but those who are breaching the 90-night limit and letting 365 days a year are a blight on the lives of local people.” 

If you suspect that a neighbour is breaking the rules, you can contact the Council via this website.