News in brief from Bayswater

  • Planning is already under way for the Notting Hill Carnival and we have met with the events team and successfully advocated for the addition of more loos across the wider Bayswater area which should ease the impact on local people.
  • Save the date! We will be hosting our next community tea on Saturday 14th September which will be a garden party in Porchester Square showcasing our range of local businesses (more details will follow shortly).
  • Watch out for the new Paddington Basin planning application which will add a further five floors to a proposed development (a total of 19 floors) and will be visible across our skyline, we will be protesting against the design and the height on your behalf. Further details can be found by clicking here.
  • We are focusing on the delivery driver issues again, please keep us informed if you have any particular concerns.
  • We are continuing to work with locals to address the banging noises coming from Whiteleys. We worked closely with Eriths (the demolition team) to set up a meeting with residents as soon as we became aware of the issue and we are ensuring adequate vibration monitoring happened throughout Bayswater. We are expecting the results of the initial monitoring this week and will continue to apply pressure to ensure the works do not damage any of the local businesses.
  • Heathrow remains a threat to Bayswater, a group has come together to fight the plans, identifying the best way forward to make our voices heard. If this interests you, please get in touch, we will continue to update on progress in our newsletters.
  • We have identified a community garden plot that can be used by our Special Education Needs school and our elderly community as part of our ongoing efforts to combat loneliness.