News in brief from your Vincent Square Conservative Councillors

Facelift for the Ponsonby’s

At last Peabody have started their work giving the Ponsonby's a face lift, after significant pressure from local people and your Conservative Councillors

In Court against rogue developers

Developers, trying to turn the old Surprise Pub into a hostel, flouting planning law and the quality of life their neighbours in Vincent Square, are being taken to court.

CityWest repairs

Your councillors continue to chase any outstanding repairs, please get in touch if you have any issues


A new #DontBeIdle campaign is about to start, with £20 fines for those who idle their engines persistently. We would like that £20 to be increased to at least £100. For more information about this campaign please click here.


Many people have complained about noisy helicopters going to and from Battersea, and we share these concerns. It’s a matter for the Civil Aviation Authority, but we can and do pass on your views.

Housing Ombudsman

We continue to support local people with their complaints to the Housing Ombudsman.

Planning and Licencing enforcement

There are some businesses and individuals who see fit to flout Westminster councils processes which are actually there to protect everyone. Cllrs Chalkley, Harvey and Short have recently written to the planning inspectorate in relation to some businesses in Horseferry Road who are operating without the correct planning permissions at the request of long standing businesses and residents. Cllr Chalkley says “the process is often frustrating and long however as local Councillors do all we can to make sure that the Council does continue to be vigilant with enforcement.” 

Victoria Tower Gardens

Thank you for all the responses you sent us in relation the proposed Holocaust Memorial in Victoria Park Gardens. Overwhelmingly the responses expressed concern about loosing one of our few local green spaces given that, mostly, people live in flats. 

The sentiment seems to be that the memorial is a great idea but Victoria Tower Gardens is not the right place for it. As local Councillors we are waiting for it to come before the planning committee where we will make representations on behalf of local people.