Parking on Churchill Gardens

Local Councillor and Churchill Gardens resident Murad Gassanly writes:

We are all aware of the problems with parking on Churchill Gardens estate. We’ve been having difficulties with the enforcement regime ever since DVLA changed their rules on sharing information with councils. I have dealt with numerous complaints about illegal parking and potential risk to public safety.

Working with Council officers, local people and councillors, we are delivering the following:

Parking enforcement on the estate is to be transferred to the Council’s parking enforcement teams under a ‘Traffic Management Order’. New signs and road markings will be installed, and new permits issued. Existing permit holders will be guaranteed a replacement permit at no extra charge. Introducing this is a complex legal and administrative process and is taking longer than expected – I am pushing for full roll-out in early Spring. 

Council agreed a ‘payment holiday’ of parking charges for all permit holders on the Churchill Gardens estate to be in place until the new Order is introduced. From 27 November 2018 all parking permit charges for the Churchill Gardens estate have now been retrospectively removed, and residents will not need to make any further payments until these are reinstated as part of the new parking permit arrangements, once the new measures are is in place.

The Council continues with new ways of enforcement. An enhanced enforcement process is happening across our estate with the Council’s Housing Services in coordination with police and London Fire Brigade. I regularly join these patrols. The process includes Red Notices on illegally parked vehicles and, importantly, collecting their details and recording registration numbers for possible future legal action. Parking on our estate should be available for people who live here. Those parking illegally on the estate are foolish to think we are not going to pursue them one way or another, now or in the future.