Pimlico Tube Noise Update

Track grinding has already begun

TfL agrees slow down night tube trains to 30mph

TfL has started its long overdue maintenance of the Victoria Line to reduce tube noise.

This has only happened because of the pressure put on TfL by residents, London Assembly Member, Tony Devenish and your local Conservative councillors.

After years of TfL ignoring Pimlico, hundreds of you signed our petition demanding they meet with residents and take their concerns about tube noise seriously, and it worked!   

In August, Deputy Mayor Heidi Alexander met a delegation of local people and councillors in one of the worst affected flats in Pimlico and was confronted with the justifiable frustration of local people.

From that meeting we won two important concessions. First, TfL agreed to re-grind the entire length of the track between Pimlico and Victoria, this started a few days ago. The second was an agreement to slow the speed of the night tube trains to 30mph.

These are two important victories, but the battle will not be over until this problem is finally fixed.