Proposed Coach Station and skyscraper will adversely affect local people in Little Venice

With Victoria Coach Station needing to relocate over the next few years due to leases expiring and Crossrail 2, Transport for London (TfL) has been considering alternative options and is focusing its attention on Royal Oak.

The proposed site is the slither of land between Royal Oak tube station and the Westway. It is here that TfL wants to squeeze in a Coach Station servicing the entirety of central London.

Your local councillors are not only concerned about the impact that the coach station will have on surrounding areas, including Little Venice, but the adverse effect that the skyscraper (taller than Paddington Central) that TfL is planning to build on top of the proposed coach station will have on the local skyline. We are also worried about plans to close Ranelagh Bridge making it difficult for Little Venice residents to access the A40 as well as increasing traffic on our area’s streets.

If you are concerned about TfL’s plans, please show them that you believe that Royal Oak is not a suitable location by signing our petition here.