Regent's Park Matters

Supporting a special project: Saving Samuel Godley 

Your local Conservative Councillors are supporting via the ward budget the restoration of a headstone of Pte Samuel Godley a hero of the Life Guards who fought at the Battle of Waterloo and who is buried in St John’s Wood Churchyard. 

Included within this project is the creation of an information board and creative workshops which will be used for educational purposes for local schools including Barrow Hill School within our ward to help teach children about Samuel Godley’s story and Britain’s relationship with the continent from the time of Napoleon to the present day. 

Adrian Autton, Archive Manager at the Westminster City Archives says ‘We are grateful to the Regent’s Park Councillors for helping to support this local project which will help raise the awareness of what was after all a momentous part of our history’.

New parking restriction on Sunday & Bank Holiday for the High Street

New parking restrictions have been put in place on St John’s Wood High Street on all Sunday’s and Bank Holiday’s across the year as from 30th April 2017.

Your local Councillors have listened to the concerns of the shop owners on the High Street who have told us that they feel restrictions are needed especially on major cricket match days to help create a churn and thereby increase the flow of visitors to the shops. These restrictions mean on Sunday and Bank Holiday’s only a maximum of a 2 hour stay will be possible between the hours of 10am – 4pm on Pay-By-Phone bays although Westminster C zone permit holders will be exempt.

Marshals are to be deployed in and around the High Street especially on major match days with Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) issued for any vehicles overstaying this time period. 

As one High Street retailer says on this new initiative ‘Thank you to all at Westminster for effecting this much needed change which is most welcome’.

Targeting litter on Allitsen Road

Regent’s Park Conservative Councillors have been working hard to tackle a number of issues on Allitsen Road including the increase in litter following complaints from residents who are concerned on the impact this has been having. 

We are talking with a number of restaurants including The Chicken Shop where excessive amounts of waste have been left on the pavement, targeting additional street cleaning and arranging for the root sprouts/suckers to be cut back from the base of a number of trees which has been restricting the width of the pavement for pedestrians. 

One resident who brought this to our attention responded by saying ‘Thank you very much for addressing these issue so promptly and getting back to me with an update’.

If you wish to report any litter or highways issues please contact us.