St John’s Wood post office update

Your Ward Councillors are keeping a close eye on the difficulties surrounding the expiry of the Post Office lease on Circus Road and the complex renegotiation's for a new lease.  In spite of Westminster's offer to the Post Office to remain in the unit on their existing rent and terms (below market value), this was declined.  A counter offer from the Post Office for a further reduction of 12% is likely to be resisted because it does not represent best value for taxpayers especially as the proposal allows the Post Office to sub-let, with the risk that not only would the Council be losing money on the property (against its legal obligations) there would be no guarantee it would even remain as a Post Office.

We continue to work hard with the WCC Property Management Team and with our Cabinet Members to try to secure the best possible outcome in the hope we may be able to keep our Post Office for the community, but hope residents can see why it is not straightforward and ultimately remains a commercial, independent decision by the Post Office.