St. John's Wood Post Office update

Despite nearly three years of best efforts by your local councillors the Post Office (PO) announced that they intend moving their operation from their site on Circus Road, which Westminster City Council (WCC) own, to a convenience store on Charlbert Street and convert it from a Crown to a franchise operation. This is a commercial decision by the PO who no longer desire to operate directly-managed Crown retail units.

WCC have been working hard to try to retain the Crown PO on Circus Road including:

  • charging the same rental rate for 10 years
  • continue offering a below market rental rate on a lease renewal if the Crown PO was continued on the site

We, like many St John's Wood residents, are disappointed by the PO's announcement. We continue to call upon the PO to reconsider their decision and if they are committed not to keep a Crown operation on Circus Road, consider having an operation on the High Street. 

The PO is an important local asset used by the local community including many elderly people. We are pressing the PO to reconsider its decision and keep its presence on the High Street.