Tachbrook Matters March 2017

Bridge fight continues

Tachbrook Conservatives will continue the fight against any Nine Elms bridge landing in Pimlico, despite Wandsworth Council appointing designers.

“This is the biggest threat to Pimlico in decades,” says Councillor Angela Harvey who has been fighting the proposal since 2012.

Wandsworth aims to construct a bridge which will take 18,000 commuters daily who will walk and cycle through the residential streets and squares of Pimlico, turning quiet byways into commuter highways.

“This is a ridiculous plan,” explains Angela Harvey, who revealed that 97% of respondents in Pimlico to a survey sent to 10,000 replied that they did NOT want the Nine Elms bridge. The benefit to cyclists would be less than one minute but possibly as little as eight seconds!  The threat is very real.  The gardens and boating base in Tachbrook would be particularly affected.

Keeping crime low

Westminster continues to get safer year on year with falling crime rates.  Pimlico is one of the safest neighbourhoods in central London.

Councillor Peter Cuthbertson explains, “This is partly owing to our tough approach to crime. We work with the police and other bodies to crack down on those who make the lives of their neighbours a misery.”

Operation Unite is a partnership between the Council, Home Office and the police to focus on stopping the minority of foreign nationals who commit crime. The Council’s lobbying has led to a national policy change. Corbyn has promised that Labour will send half as many criminals to prison every year, which would have a horrific impact on crime rates.

Our councillors attend the Safer Neighbourhood Panel meetings to ensure your views are fully represented. If you experience any problems, call local number 101 (or, of course, 999 in an emergency).

Lowest Council Tax in the country

Westminster continues to have the lowest council tax in the country as we know value for money is very important to our residents.

We have also listened to our residents' concerns about increasing social care needs in Westminster, as across the country, and have therefore applied a special 2% levy to help with our associated higher costs. In order to keep our finances sound you will have also seen from your bills that we have applied a 1.9% general uplift. 

New post for Councillor Angela Harvey

Councillor Angela Harvey (pictured left) has been appointed Chair of Licensing for Westminster City Council and in this role now attends the authority’s Cabinet meetings.

Congratulations to both her and the Council's new Leader, Councillor Nickie Aiken, whose focus includes affordable homes for families and a continuing commitment to outstanding schools and children’s services.

Here to help

Your three Ward councillors are available to meet or speak with residents at any time and place convenient to you. To make arrangements, please just email any of our Councillors directly at tachbrook@westminsterconservatives.com

Alternatively, telephone 020 7641 3411 (during office hours). 

Regular councillor surgeries are held 6-7pm on first Monday of the month (or second when a bank holiday) at the Lillington & Longmoore Community Hall (under Morgan House) and 6-7pm on third Thursday monthly at Dolphin Square, Chichester Street.  Do let us know how we can help you!