Tackling abuse of short-term letting

We know that most homeowners who let on a nightly basis do so within the law and maintain excellent standards. However, we also know short-term letting can cause problems for local people.

Conservative Councillors are keen to reduce the problems associated with abuse of short-term letting. Residents are asked to report to the Council if properties are linked to excessive noise, dumping of waste, crime, significant disruption, fear, alarm or distress. If you believe the property is being let for more than 90 nights a year, you can report a short-term-let breach online by clicking here.

When furniture or refuse is left outside a short-term let Westminster Council is asked to remove it. The Council has had to investigate over 1,500 cases of breaches. The rapid turnaround on short-term lets and often poor management of rubbish disposal can blight our streets.

Unlimited fines can be charged to those breaking the 90-night limit, or for anyone letting the property who is not the council tax payer. Enforcement action can follow, which may result in criminal proceedings if the requirements are not followed. Enforcement, prosecution and closure orders can occur in any of the following circumstances:

• Breach of lease covenants

• Failing to adhere to health and safety regulations

• Guests and neighbours put at risk of serious injury or death

• Invalidation of insurance policies

• Breach of mortgage terms